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Surfside Geraldton, WA

Our commercial doors and windows are the perfect solution for the environmental challenges presented by this beautiful coastal location.

Beautiful coastal locations present designers and homebuilders with many climate and environmental challenges, such as coping with a highly corrosive environment and windy weather extremes. So it was with this in mind that the designers of “Surfside”, located in Geraldton, Western Australia, turned to Alspec’s® range of commercial grade doors and windows to find a combination of products that not only looked good, but would perform well in the demanding environment.

While in a non-cyclonic area, the site was classified as an “N4” site in terms of window wind performance standards. The standard required the home to include windows and doors which could withstand gusts of winds up to 50 metres per second. To meet these criteria, Alspec’s® ProGlide® sliding doors, McArthur window framing system and Air-Flo® Glass louvre system were all selected for the final build.

ProGlide® sliding doors are designed with Australia’s extremes of climate in mind. They are an incredibly durable product thanks to their heavy-duty aluminium profile and can be used across expansive openings. Thanks to the variety of sash and glazing options, the versatile ProGlide® doors were easily able to be tailored to suit the unique Surfside build. They will more than cope with the windy extremes experienced in Geraldton, and their flush gutter sills (with incorporated stainless steel grates) will ensure efficient drainage of any surface water when it rains.

In such a stunning location, the floor-to-ceiling capacity of the ProGlide® doors was also an important feature, enabling the new occupants to fully appreciate the stunning views, whether doors are opened or closed. They also utilised the “post free” corner option for sliding doors exiting the main living area, providing a seamless integration to the outdoor living spaces.

With large expanses of glass to be installed throughout, the client took advantage of the special attributes of Alspec’s® McArthur centre pocket glazing system. In the centre pocket system, the glass is slid into the “pocket” provided by the aluminium frame, resulting in glazing beads only being needed on one horizontal side. While architects like the system because of the resulting clean look, the pocketed system is perfect for withstanding high wind loads such as that found in Geraldton.

To make the most of natural cooling and ventilation, Alspec’s® Air-Flo® Glass louvre systems were installed, in combination with Breezway Louvre Windows. This product combination has been deemed suitable for use in cyclonic regions so are more than capable of coping with the demands of the Geraldton location. Louvre systems are a practical solution as they maximise natural cooling and ventilation without compromising light or views. In addition, they satisfy Building Code of Australian window restriction requirements, and can also be paired with security and fly screen options including Invisi-Gard® and KidScreen® products if required.

By combining three of Alspec’s® high performance and stylish products, the owners of Surfside have achieved a practical family home, built with durable materials able to withstand the potential climate extremes, while making the most of this stunning seaside location.

Architect: Todd West/Habitat Drafting
Alspec Fabricator: Glass Co WA
Builder: Crothers Construction

Alspec Products Used:
ProGlide® High Performance Sliding Door
McArthur 150mm Centre Pocket Framing
Air-Flo® Plus 125mm Framing