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Glazed Beauty in Ivanhoe, VIC

The clever use of feature glazing creates a modern light-filled home

Expansive glazing has provided the basis for a striking modern home in the leafy streets of Ivanhoe, Victoria. Surrounded by sprawling mansions from an earlier century, the newly completed Makris House sets itself apart from its neighbours through the clever use of feature glazing to create a modern light-filled home. 

A key goal for the home’s architects was to make the outdoor entertaining areas interact effortlessly with the interior, in keeping with the owner’s lifestyle needs. With a living area centred on a courtyard and swimming pool, sliding doors and expansive windows contribute to the home’s fluid feel. To create this effect, Alspec’s ProGlide High Performance Sliding Doors were utilised between the indoor and outdoor living areas, meaning at any time the two can be seamlessly merged. The benefits of adopting ProGlide doors included their capacity to accommodate double glazing and double and triple track options. They also incorporate a sophisticated sill system, cleverly designed to drain surface water away without unattractive visible drainage slots.

Where hinged or pivot doors were required, the architect utilised Alspec’s popular Swan Double Glazed Doors. With their origins in the commercial environment, the Swan doors are extremely popular because of their centre pocket glazing system. The system requires no vertical glazing beads which provides added security benefits as well as an attractive appearance.

Meanwhile, the large expanses of glass utilised throughout the home were easily accommodated with Alspec’s EcoFRAMEplus 101.6mm Centre Pocket Double Glazed Framing. With sharp, unbroken lines, the EcoFRAMEplus system has helped contribute to the home’s fluid feel. Not only is this framing ideal to provide optimum energy efficiency performance, but it is also versatile in terms of the types of glazing which can be accommodated. The Hastings 101.6mm Front Glazed Double Glazed Framing was also utilised in some areas, being a robust framing system which has especially good weathering performance.

For openable windows, the 35mm Alspec Awning Sash was utilised. These awning windows can accommodate single and double glazing as required and can be used with a range of locking and opening devices. In addition, they achieve superior weather performance thanks to their overlapping internal and external seals construction.  

In constructing a home where glazing was a key feature, full advantage has been taken of Alspec’s range of the range of high performance, commercial grade products, to ultimately deliver a home which is practical and architecturally grand at the same time.

Architect: KUD Architects
Alspec Fabricator: Master Windows & Screens, VIC
Powdercoat Finish: Dulux Monument Satin

Alspec Products Used:
ProGlide® High Performance Sliding Door
ecoFRAMEplus 101.6mm Centre Pocket Double Glazed Framing
Hastings 101.6mm Front Glazed Framing
Awning and Casement Window