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Impressive Addition for the Maitland House, VIC

Achieving a cohesive indoor-outdoor living space required two of Alspec’s superior sliding door products

Blending a new addition into an existing home is not one of the easiest of tasks for an architect to be confronted with, but in the case of Maitland House, Victoria, some thinking outside the box by architect Kennedy Nolan has produced an impressive result. The clever use of large sliding doors has avoided a collision between the two spaces, and ensured there is now a smooth transition from one area to the next.

The brief included retaining the original structure (a post-war brick veneer home), and preparing a design which would integrate the new kitchen, living and dining areas. The components needed to be connected through an opening in the old building, which would link the new internal areas and a new central courtyard. The solution to achieving a cohesive indoor-outdoor living space was to incorporate two of Alspec’s superior sliding door products: the Torrens 45mm Commercial Door and the ProGlide High Performance Sliding Door.

The Torrens 45mm Door is normally used in commercial buildings but was adapted for this application to be installed in a post-less corner configuration. Although the doors are heavy when double-glazing is included, the Torrens door still slides effortlessly thanks to its top-hung rollers. Devoid of a corner post, these doors enable the entire kitchen/living/dining area to be opened up on two sides to connect with the outdoor areas.

On an adjacent face, the ProGlide High Performance Sliding Doors were used to enclose an oversize span with double-glazed glass. As double-glazed standard windows are not large enough to fill the space, the ProGlide product provided the perfect solution. ProGlide sliding doors are popular in many builds because of their many feature and benefits including double or triple track options and flush sills with hidden drainage slots to provide an attractive, seamless finish.

In addition, the windows situated in the new external walls were constructed utilising ecoFRAMEplus 101.6mm Centre Pocket Framing. ecoFRAMEplus was chosen as it easily accommodates double-glazing, and is visually attractive while delivering superior energy efficiency performance. The centre pocket configuration is particularly robust and secure while the construction material has excellent weathering properties.

Through utilising the expansive capabilities of Alspec’s sliding door products and versatile window framing solutions, the Maitland House’s old and new areas now happily converge around an exceptional, light-filled, indoor-outdoor living space.

Architect: Kennedy Nolan
Builder: Madok Group
Alspec Fabricator: Designer Windows

Alspec Products Used:
Torrens 45mm Commercial Shopfront Door
ProGlide® High Performance Sliding Door
ecoFRAMEplus 101.6mm Centre Pocket Double Glazed Framing