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Rhapsody Surfers North, QLD

Alspec's commercial grade window and doors are perfect for this ocean-front apartment building.

Award-winning high rise apartment building Rhapsody Surfers North provided the perfect project to put Alspec’s range of commercial grade window and door products to the test. To address the dual requirements for top-end specifications suitable for the challenges of an ocean-front environment, Alspec’s products were combined to produce a result which has delivered good looks now and will ensure performance and durability for the future.

Situated in central Surfers Paradise just metres from the sea, the recently completed 41 storey residential building was named Master Builders Project of the Year in the Master Builders Housing & Construction Awards for 2016[1]. An integral aspect of the development was the utilisation of Alspec’s products including three different types of high-performance doors and a mixture of glazing and framing solutions to suit the varying applications and environments within the development. 

In high use areas, the Swan Evo 45mm Double Glazed Commercial door was selected for its versatility, in combination with the McArthur 101.6mm Centre Pocket Glazing system. The centre pocket system requires no vertical glazing beads which provides added security benefits as well as an attractive appearance. In addition, the doors can be used in a hinged, pivoted or sliding applications as needed.

In other areas, ProGlide High Performance Sliding Doors were utilised with either Hunter Evo 150mm Singled Glazed or 101.6mm Single and Double Glazed framing as required. Developed for the commercial environment, these combinations will exceed expectations in the residential situation and provide many benefits to residents such as reducing any exterior noise from the busy city centre location.

The Hawkesbury Commercial Multi Fold Door was selected where spanning large floor-to-ceiling heights was required, such as in the ground level commercial premises of the building. In the same area, two of Alspec’s sophisticated framing products, ecoFRAMEplus 101.6mm and ecoWALL 225mm, were used as they are able to span large distances and provide sharp, unbroken lines which add to the building’s street-level appeal.

For awning windows, the Murray 50mm was selected due to its robust construction which makes it ideal for exposed areas such as near the ocean. With its excellent thermal and acoustic performance, the Murray will add to the building’s overall insulation properties as well as seamlessly integrating with the McArthur and Hunter products.

In other situations requiring centre pocket framing, the Derwent 76mm solution was used as it is an economical fixed glazing solution for both internal and external locations. Although slim-line, it is still suitable for a range of glass thicknesses, has self-draining sills and can be easily adapted for awning, double hung, sliding windows and louvres applications.

Constructed from such an array of high performance products, there is no doubt the Rhapsody Surfers North will ensure its residents enjoy all the benefits of living in this central oceanside location for many years to come.

Architect: DBI Design
Builder: Brookfield Multiplex
Fabricator: Queensland Façade Systems


Alspec Products Used:
ProGlide® High Performance Sliding Door
McArthur 101.6mm Centre Pocket Framing
Hunter Evo 101.6mm Single Flush Glazed Framing
Hunter Evo 150mm Single Flush Glazed Framing
Hunter Evo 101.6mm Double Flush Glazed Framing
Hawkesbury® Commercial Multi-Fold Door
ecoWALL 225
ecoFRAMEplus 101.6mm Centre Pocket Double Glazed Framing
Derwent 76mm Centre Pocket Framing