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Modern South Fremantle Cottage, WA

This cleverly renovated home integrates an array of Alspec glazing products to maximise light and district views.

A South Fremantle cottage on a narrow corner block has been cleverly renovated and enlarged for modern living, integrating an array of Alspec glazing products to maximise light and district views. Instead of selling the two-room cottage which held happy family memories, the owners chose to renovate, retaining the historic portion, adding new adjacent pavilions and a new upper level. The end result has produced a home which is both modern and functional, with a light and spacious feel achieved by incorporating products form Alspec’s extensive range of fixed and sliding doors and windows.

At ground level, new pavilions were added to the existing cottage to expand the home around three courtyards. Access to these areas is through a combination of fixed and sliding doors chosen from the Carinya and Swan ranges. Due to their evolution from a commercial system, Carinya sliding doors are popular in the residential environment for their durability in extreme weather environments and their smooth operation. For hinged situations, the Swan door is ideal with its centre-pocket glazing (no vertical glazing beads required) which makes it visually attractive and secure at the same time.

While enhancing light levels in the older portion of the home was a key priority, all the ground level rooms also needed to be secure. Alpec’s Invisi-Gard screens were easily configured to fit the Carinya doors and windows and provide peace of mind without obstructing views. Woven from ultra-high tensile stainless steel wire, Invisi-Gard is stronger than its competitors, resistant to corrosion and has a transparency which maximises available light.

The addition of the upper level provided the owners with the opportunity to make the most of surrounding district views. A striking McArthur Centre Pocket Silicone Butt corner window was selected for the northern face, attracting light from multiple angles and emphasising views. Butt joint glazing allows the two faces to be joined with a clear silicone sealant, removing the need for a supporting corner mullion.

The upper level’s welcoming outdoor deck is accessed through an expansive opening spanned by Altitude 4 Lite Stacking Doors. Consisting of large panels, the Altitude doors are idea for the local weather considerations, with concealed draining slots, and their flexible glazing and screening options.

Through using solutions selected from across the Carinya, Swan, McArthur, Altitude and Invisi-Gard ranges, this project is the perfect demonstration of how seamlessly Alspec’s suite of products can be integrated to produce an outstanding result. This renovated home is now light and airy, with the desired beach-side feel, while still being modern and secure.

Architect: Philip Stejskal Architecture
Builder: Texo Constructions
Fabricator: Maddington Glass & Aluminium Windows, WA

Photographer: Bo Wong

Alspec Products Used:
Invisi-Gard Stainless Steel Security
McArthur 150mm Centre Pocket Framing
McArthur 101.6mm Centre Pocket Framing
Altitude® Apartment Sliding Door