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Kamekura House, Pambula Beach, NSW

Building a home by the ocean means choosing the right window and door framing products with the technical specifications to endure the extremes of the marine environment.

Inspired by the natural elements of its seaside location, this distinctive home on NSW’s Sapphire Coast has been created using an attractive mix of textures, materials and shapes. Architects Baenziger Coles designed Kamekura House at Pambula Beach to respond to the physical environment, incorporating natural rock, wood and stone elements throughout the build.

The seaside environment also influenced the selection of Alspec products to fulfil the building’s window and door framing requirements. Given the anticipated corrosive impact of the marine environment and the potential for weather extremes, Alspec’s highly durable aluminium framing products were the obvious choice.

For the multiple ocean-facing balconies, ProGlide High Performance sliding doors were selected, configured in a variety of panel widths as appropriate for each space. The ProGlide doors have been specifically designed and developed by Alspec to respond to the extremes of the Australian environment and are robustly constructed to ensure they perform exceptionally in all weather. Their ability to easily span the generous floor to ceiling heights also means they contribute to maximising the views in every direction.

Meanwhile, ecoFRAMEplus centre pocket double glazed framing was selected to complement the doors and to create the gently curved window sections. Centre pocket framing is desirable as the glass “pocket” created by the aluminium frame results in a visually appealing clean finish with less glazing beads, while providing the technical specifications to withstand high wind loads. Featuring heavy duty mullions which enable it to span large spaces, ecoFRAMEplus is also the preferred option to deliver superior energy efficiency performance.

As the end result shows, when building a home by the ocean it is possible to choose products which not only complement the design but which possess the technical specifications to protect against the challenges of the marine environment.

Project Name: Kamekura House , Pambula Beach
Address: Pambula Beach, NSW
Architect: Baenziger Coles
Builder: SL Hodgson Builders Merimbula
Fabricator: Dynamic Windows
Finish: Dulux Olde Pewter Pearl Duratec
Photographer: Chris Erikson

Alspec Products Used:
ecoFRAMEplus 101.6mm Centre Pocket Double Glazed Framing
ProGlide® High Performance Sliding Door