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Toronto Swim Centre, NSW

The incorporation of Alspec thermally broken double glazed window and door products have helped transform an aging swimming centre into a modern, light and energy efficient facility.

An extensive renovation has transformed an aging swimming centre in Toronto, NSW, into a modern, light and energy efficient facility by incorporating Alspec thermally broken aluminium window and door framing products.

The year-long renovation project included resurfacing the centre’s 16m and 25m pools, constructing a new combined hydrotherapy and spa pool, replacing filtration and disinfection systems, and installing solar panels. Meanwhile existing amenities were refurbished, a new training room built, and a new kiosk and building entrance added to create a welcoming street frontage.

The new entrance to the centre was constructed using Alspec ThermAFrame products. This double glazed window and door framing system utilises Polyamide Thermal Break technology to help create a stable and comfortable indoor environment. The thermal break design inserts a low-conductivity product (the polyamide) between the panels of aluminium framing to reduce the transfer of cold or heat through the aluminium, minimising thermal bridging wherever possible.

The ThermAFrame Centre Pocket Framing was utilised in the 101.6mm x 60mm profile along the exterior façade as well as for the glazed interior wall separating the pools and the viewing area. Also available in 150mm profile, the wide glazing pockets of the double glazed system can accommodate glass options up to 32mm and are also suitable for Insulating Glass Units (IGU), where hermetically sealed planes of glass are bonded at the edges. ThermAFrame doors can be configured in pivoted, sliding or hinged arrangements, supported by proprietary heavy duty hinges capable of handling the heavier glass loads.

With the major renovation of the Swim Centre now complete, the community can dive in and enjoy all the features of the modernised facility, comfortable in the knowledge it also well insulated and energy efficient.

Name: Toronto Swim Centre
Address: Awaba Rd, Toronto West
Architect: Facility Design Group Architects
Builder: Graph
Fabricator: Air View Aluminium
Completion Date: August 2019

Alspec Products Used:
Thermally Broken 50mm Commercial Door
101.6mm Centre Glazed Thermally Broken Framing