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Kodo Apartments, Adelaide SA

This 30-storey new apartment building with panoramic views from brightly coloured balconies is the latest addition to Adelaide’s growing city skyline.

Towering over the city’s historic buildings, this new 30-storey apartment building gives its residents sweeping views of Adelaide city, the ocean and surrounding rural hills. The brightly coloured Kodo Apartments is now Adelaide’s highest residential building and is the first of two new high-rises planned for this area of the city’s CBD.

Dwarfing the neighbouring Magistrates Court, one of Adelaide’s oldest buildings, the apartments on Angas Street are a hard-to-miss addition to the city’s CBD and skyline. The development includes over 200 one, two and three bedroom apartments, with each featuring a balcony with coloured partitions, accessed from the main living area.

As well as enjoying panoramic views from their apartments, residents can head upstairs and enjoy the rooftop garden, an inviting green space inspired by the nearby Victoria Square gardens. On the lower levels are commercial premises and parking, while a new urban plaza is planned at ground level to make the area pedestrian friendly.

Helping to create desirable indoor environments, glazing for the apartments was chosen with energy efficiency and sound reduction considerations in mind. Alspec ProGlide High Performance Sliding doors were installed, complete with double glazing, to give easy access to the balconies. The double glazing consists of two layers of glass, separated by air, which provide insulation to reduce heat transfer. This will help keep the apartments cooler in summer and warmer in winter, reducing energy use and saving on energy bills. The double glazing is also effective at reducing noise, making it an added bonus in the inner-city environment.

For remaining glazing needs, alternating panels of fixed glass and openable awning windows were combined to deliver a pleasing vertical symmetry to the building façade. Alspec’s Hunter Evo 150 Flush Glazed Framing forms the fixed panels of glazing while 50mm Awning Windows provide openable sections. With their lockable chain winders, the awning windows are a useful and safe addition to the apartments, and feature overlapping internal and external seals for superior weather performance.

Project Name: Kodo Apartments
Project Address: Angas St, Adelaide, SA
Architect: Woods Bagot
Builder: Watpac
Fabricator: Dickson Glass and Aluminium

Alspec Products Used:
Hunter Evo 150mm Double Flush Glazed Framing
ProGlide High Performance Sliding Door
Awning and Casement Window, 50mm Sash