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101 Maling, Canterbury VIC

Peaceful living is possible in this urban location thanks to the acoustic credentials of modern window and door framing solutions from Alspec.

Is it old or is it new? Walking past this Melbourne development, the heritage styled street-facing façade belies the modern suite of contemporary apartments housed within.

Designers of these boutique residences, located in Canterbury, just 20 minutes east of the Melbourne CBD, looked to the area’s architectural heritage to inspire the façade, while utilising modern components to exceed expectations internally. The three level development includes 30 apartments as well as ground floor commercial premises, which integrate with the existing popular Maling Road shopping village.

With the site’s close proximity to the shopping village and nearby Canterbury train station, acoustic requirements formed an important part of project specifications. For window and door framing needs, products were chosen from across the Alspec range which would enhance acoustic performance and maximise dwelling comfort.

For noise sensitive locations, Hunter Evo 150mm Acoustic Framing and ecoFRAMEplus 101.6mm Centre Pocket Double Glazed Framing are perfect choices. Both products feature sound-reduction properties enabling residents to enjoy their urban location without distractions. Hunter Evo 150mm Acoustic Framing features dual 19mm glazing pockets with a 100mm airspace to help minimise sound transmission, while the ecoFRAMEplus contributes to both sound reduction and energy efficiency of the building.

With each apartment featuring courtyard or balcony areas, ProGlide High Performance Sliding Doors were added for easy access. ProGlide doors were developed for the commercial environment but are popular for high-end residential builds thanks to their performance credentials and ability to span large openings. Meanwhile for the commercial premises and locations requiring hinged doors, Swan Evo 45mm Commercial Doors were chosen. These centre pocket glazed doors are an attractive aluminium door solution which come with security benefits and are well suited to the commercial environment for their durability.

Project Name: 101 Maling
Project Address: 85 – 101 Maling Rd, Canterbury. VIC. 3126
Architect: Kavellaris Urban Design
Builder: Liberty Builders
Fabricator: PW Glass Group
Photography: Peter Bennetts
Applied Finish: Duratec Monument Matt

Alspec Products Used:
ecoFRAMEplus 101.6mm Centre Pocket Double Glazed Framing
McArthur Evo 101.6mm Centre Pocket Framing
ProGlide® High Performance Sliding Door
Hunter Evo 150mm Acoustic Framing