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Arcadia College, Queensland

Windows and doors are integral elements of architectural design, playing a pivotal role in shaping the ambiance and functionality of any building.

In the case of Queensland's Arcadia College, a special assistance school that prioritises well-being and an inclusive learning experience, the significance of these elements becomes particularly pronounced.

Glass In Paradise, an experienced local fabricator, was entrusted with a crucial task: to fabricate and install stacking doors that met the rigorous standards set by AS1428.1. These stacking doors were chosen to ensure ease of operation, but a unique challenge emerged. Large stacking doors can be cumbersome, often exceeding the operational forces specified by AS1428.1.

Working closely with the project's architect, a pragmatic solution was found. It was decided that a slight trade-off in acoustic performance could be made to meet the necessary operating forces. This compromise allowed the stacking doors to maintain their functionality while adhering to Australian standards, ensuring that all students, regardless of their physical abilities, can access and navigate the learning spaces with ease.

In a school setting like Arcadia College, the importance of well-designed windows and doors cannot be overstated. They serve as more than mere access points; they are gateways to a brighter future, offering a glimpse into a world of possibilities and opportunities for every student who walks through them.

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FabricatorGlass In Paradise

Builder: Alder Constructions

Architect: Burling Brown Architects

Photographer: Troy Sanders


Alspec Products Used:
Hunter Evo 101.6mm Double Flush Glazed Framing
Hunter Evo 101.6mm Single Flush Glazed Framing
Hawkesbury® Top Hung Commercial Sliding Door
View-Max® Commercial Sliding Window