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R&D / Testing

Research and Development

Alspec Systems: Innovative, Tested, Guaranteed

The creation of innovative and technologically sound aluminium systems relies on comprehensive research and development combined with an ongoing commitment to continuous improvement. At Alspec, our high quality aluminium systems have evolved from extensive research and product development, followed by exhaustive testing to stringent standards, all backed by superior customer service and support.

It all starts with research

Alspec continue to invest heavily in research and the Alspec experience begins with our dedicated in-house R&D team. The comprehensive range of products developed to date is continuously expanding to meet the growing demands of our clients and in response to market trends. Our team undertakes research to ensure the product range meets or exceeds customer requirements, while staying up to date with relevant regulatory processes and standards to ensure we are continuously improving our product offering.

Research and Development

Our experienced team recognises every job is different and at Alspec the aim is to find the solution that meets the client’s needs. Sometimes an existing product will be appropriate; other times there may be the need to adapt an existing product or design a bespoke system. All options can be addressed through application of the expertise accessible through Alspec’s R&D team.

We use only the best components

Manufacturing products to an exceptional standard requires the highest quality materials which can be relied upon to meet the appropriate standards and ensure compliance with Australian regulations. We start with architectural grade aluminium and ensure all of our components meet stringent standards through careful monitoring, testing and review.

However, consumers need to be aware that not all aluminium system suppliers do the same. For example, some import cheaper products into Australia which run the risk of containing asbestos – a known carcinogenic material banned in Australia since 2003. While the Australia-wide ban aims to ensure no asbestos or asbestos-containing materials are used in manufacturing, some countries continue to use the material, either with or without disclosure to importers. Alspec customers, however, can rest assured that our products come from an asbestos-free supply chain, which has been independently reviewed to provide peace of mind.

Research and Development

Certified in-house testing

Alspec uses the Independent Accredited facility at Omnitest to ensure that all our products comply with the relevant International & Australian standards. Our clients know that our products have been subject to all the appropriate testing and certification processes under strictly monitored and inspected conditions. The National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) is the national accreditation body for Australia which ensures organisations such as those producing aluminium systems comply with the relevant international and Australian standards. Knowing they utilise a NATA accredited facility gives Alspec clients the knowledge they can rely on the integrity and conformity of the products they are purchasing.

The key standards applicable to the industry are set out in the NCC Building Code of Australia. Windows, doors and glazed assemblies are designed and constructed in accordance with AS2047 performance requirements. Those glazed assemblies not covered by AS2047 require compliance to AS1288. Adherence to these standards ensures the window and framing products will be fit for the purpose for which they have been selected and all Alspec products receive documentation to support the performance claims made.

An added benefit of having our own test facility is we can respond quickly to changes in the market’s requirements and not be reliant on timeframes of external test facilities.

Responsive lead times

As a manufacturer, we know a key factor in the construction industry is timing, as down time or delays can be costly for all involved. Alspec’s capacity and coverage across Australia means we can provide responsive lead times to your project. Our extensive warehouse system also ensures stocks are at hand of complementary accessories and hardware, enabling us to respond quickly to client needs.

Ongoing service and support

Producing quality products is just the first stage of Alspec’s commitment to our clients. Once a project is completed, we can provide the necessary ongoing technical support using a range of experts on our team and our extensive servicing network. Our aim is to provide all necessary assistance to users of our products both before and after the system is installed.

Alspec aluminium systems are the result of extensive research and development, manufactured with the highest quality materials available. Our use of architectural grade aluminium, which is highly corrosion resistant and exceptionally strong, enables us to confidently provide extensive warranties for all our products.

Why buy Alspec over imported products?

Cheaper imported products may come with documentation which states compliance with Australian Standards, but evidence suggests some of this documentation may be unreliable, or in extreme cases, fraudulent. Some countries have little understanding of Australia’s regulatory requirements or do not rigidly adhere to the Standards, while others lack sufficient controls to ensure the appropriate testing has been conducted. The only way to be sure the aluminium system you select is fit for purpose is to be confident it has been through a robust process of testing and certification, such as that conducted by Alspec within Australia, using NATA certified testing.