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Product Range

Carinya Residential Windows & Doors

  • Classic Sliding Window

    Classic Sliding Window

    This is a unique combination of form and function not previously available in the residential category. Has many visible advantages over alternative products in addition to its obvious aesthetic qualities.

  • Classic High Performance Sliding Window

    Classic High Performance Sliding Window

    A new development not previously available in the residential category, this is a window designed for Australia’s most demanding cyclonic conditions.

  • Classic Sliding Door

    Classic Sliding Door

    This product that has evolved out of an Alspec system designed for the high rise apartment market. This commercial background means that the Door is packed with a multitude of performance features.

  • Classic Double Hung Window

    Classic Double Hung Window

    Provides flexible ventilation options with ease of cleaning. This window is a slimline design to complement heritage houses and new homes aiming for a designer look.

  • Classic Awning Window

    Classic Awning Window

    A particularly attractive option when ventilation and unrestricted views are key considerations. This is a mainstay of the Carinya range featuring two frame widths and multiple sash options.

  • Select Double Hung Window

    Select Double Hung Window

    The subtle smooth edges and uniform sight lines are Carinya trademarks that add to the architectural look and feel of this evergreen window style.

  • Select Hinge Door

    Select Hinge Door

    A premium product designed for those seeking superior functionality and style as a grand entry to their home. A modern designer door with a consistent 85mm wide face on both the stiles and rails.

  • Select Bifold Door & Window

    Select Bifold Door & Window

    With two options of top or bottom rolling hardware the Bi-Fold Systems feature flat sill options for smooth accessibility and optional mid rails with multi-point locking in a range of opening configurations.