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Alspec iQ®

Alspec iQ® is a complete estimation software for fabricators. Utilising Alspec iQ's software platform, the experience of our V6 development team and over 2 years of development time, the result is a synergy of great software, industry leading window, door and commercial framing products, all backed up by Alspec's® quest for excellent customer service.

Alspec iQ® includes a multitude of new and enhanced features. Here are just a few of those features and functions:

  • On screen frame dimensions can now be edited and locked on the frame design board. This makes frame sizing much easier and ensures locked dimensions do not change when site measure sizes are entered.
  • Frame options are now grouped and group settings are saved and reused over similar frame systems. This leads to significantly improved quoting speed.
  • Sub Frame options like sub head, sub sill and fixing angles can now be included as frame options. Selections are then remembered the next time the frame or similar system type is used.
  • Frame options can now be globally changed for the whole quote without having to go into each and every quote item. For example, all the flyscreens in a quote can now be changed to security screens.
  • Engineering Validation is now performed on commercial frame mullions to check suitability based on quote pressures and extrusion I-values.
  • Frame annotations have been included to warn the user when frames go outside of Alspec® specified sizes or recommendations.
  • A commercial frame can now be changed to a completely different frame type. For example, a quote frame designed in McArthur Centre Pocket can now be changed over to an ecoFramePlus or Hunter Evo Flush Glazed frame without having to totally rebuild the frame from scratch.
  • New macros (like Substitute Assembly) and design tools (like Step & Split Wizard) make frame design quicker and simpler. The Substitute Assembly macro, for example, can be used to automatically select and change all the mullions in a frame (no matter how many) with just a couple of mouse clicks.
  • Frame cross section drawings in Cadlink now show extrusions labels, glazing wedges and components. Change the glass thickness and the glazing wedge will automatically update. This not only makes it much easier to see how the frame goes together but drastically reduces the time to make great shop drawings.
  • Detailed shop drawings can now be built within Project Drawings, including fixing details and notes which can then be exported to PDF or CAD files.
  • Project Manager allows large projects to be managed as sub jobs to a master quote. This makes it easier to track and manage material, fabrication and fitting requirements.
  • Labour settings can be fine tuned to suit your business in more detail than previously possible. Site labour rates can be changed at the item level and a site labour multiplier can be used to account for increases in labour for higher levels in a multi-level building.
  • A new Report macro enables any report to be run from inside the quote. Reports can be run for the whole quote or optimised over selected quote items.
  • A new version of SQL provides improved performance and increases database size limit from 4G to 1 OG.
  • Improved layout with more consistent button schemes provides better work flow.
  • Quote browser columns can be setup to show the information you choose to see.
  • Item level pricing can now be done without turning off "full bar roundup".
  • A glass & mesh optimiser has now been built in and cutting layout reports can be generated.


  1. Simple to use. Alspec iQ® is one of the easiest databases in the industry to use and learn. Estimators don't need in-depth product knowledge training and can be up and running and being productive very quickly.
  2. Knowledge base of Alspec® Products. Alspec iQ® brings together into a single estimating and quoting package all of our major suites. You are able to build suites together quickly with a visual view of what you are doing. Unlike quotes and cut sheets created manually or in spreadsheets, the 30 frame model in Alspec iQ® enables you to see if the frame is built correctly.
  3. Improves accuracy and repeatability of your costing, quoting and manufacturing processes. Alspec iQ® provides a consistent quoting method for all estimators in your business to accurately cost all extrusions, glass, labour and hardware right down to the quantity and size of screws required to build your frames.
  4. Streamlines work flows. Once the quote is built in Alspec iQ® a whole range of other reports can be generated without any further effort. These reports include costed bill of materials, schedule reports, material orders, fabrication sheets, optimised extrusion cut plans, glass cut sheets, hardware schedules etc .
  5. Automation of processes. Alspec iQ® can help automate the process of porting cut sizes from Alspec iQ® directly to production equipment or quote and cost details to other external programs. You are also able to create shop drawings and export these to CAD or PDF files.
  6. Fully supported. Our database is developed and supported in-house by Alspec® staff who know the product range and understand how they are fabricated.
  7. Alspec® is committed to providing our customers with the best estimation software in the market place. Our dedication to continually improve our package is confirmed with over 200 customers using our V6 database and this number is growing consistently.
  8. Just like a hammer, saw or work ute, this business tool is a must have for Alspec® system fabricators.

For a demonstration or purchase enquiries of Alspec iQ® please contact:

Soft Tech Group

Kalam Patham
Product Manager - Alspec® Estimation Software



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