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Thermal Systems

Thermally Broken Window Systems

Alspec's® new thermally broken window system is an energy-efficient option that utilises the latest in European Polyamide Thermal Break technology, combined with Australian design principles, to achieve the best possible results in energy rating in a system that is easy to fabricate and install. (SZ1662A)

Its versatility allows for seamless integration across our ThermAFrame® Centre Pocket and Flush Glazed Systems to achieve the most challenging structural and energy requirements. It has been designed to accommodate high-performance double-glazed units that can maximise the performance of the building envelope.

Alspec's® ThermAFrame® is currently available in:

  • 101.6mm Centre Pocket Commercial Framing
  • 150mm Centre pocket Commercial Framing
  • 101.6mm Flush Glazed Commercial Framing
  • 150mm Flush Glazed Commercial Framing
  • 50mm Commercial Door
  • 56mm Awning/Casement Window

What is a Thermal Break?

A thermal break is an element of low thermal conductivity placed in an assembly to reduce the flow of thermal energy between conductive materials such as Aluminium. Thermal Breaks made of polyamide have been the chosen method of thermally breaking aluminium window products for more than thirty years in Europe, where the product originated.

Alspec® uses only Technoform Polyamide Strips in our ThermAFrame. Technoform Thermal Breaks are made of fibreglass-reinforced polyamide with glass fibres oriented in 3 directions for optimal structural performance. Structural performance and mechanical response are exceptional with the multidirectional glass fibres oriented in 3D to give improved load transfer.

ThermAFrame® Product Details: