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Designed to redefine your living space, VistaPlus™ combines sleek aesthetics with advanced functionality, offering an unobstructed view of the outdoors while maintaining optimal thermal efficiency.

Crafted with embedded aluminium, the VistaPlus™ sliding door system offers an expansive panorama, bringing the outdoors in with unapparelled clarity.
Its design not only provides breathtaking views but also invites abundant natural light to flood your interiors, creating a bright and welcoming atmosphere.

VistaPlus™ is more than a door; it's a lifestyle upgrade

  • Maximum Height: 3100mm
  • Maximum Width: 2300mm


Key Features:

  • Max Panel Weight: 400kg per panel - larger panel sizes due to the increased weight-carrying capability of the rollers
  • Minimalistic interlocking mullion so the frame is fully embedded within the internal lining of the building
  • Max Glass Thickness: 32mm
  • Uninterrupted panoramic landscapes




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Frame Dimensions
Option 1 150mm (2 track)
Option 2 230mm(3 track)
Thermal Performance (non-embedded)
Uw range SG U4.6 – U6.4
SHGC range SG 0.32 – 0.70
DG Uw U2.9 – U3.8
DG SHGC 0.25 – 0.62
Glazing Details
SG 6mm-13.5mm
DG 24mm-32mm
Maximum Recommended Sizes
Height 3100mm
Width 2300mm
Weight 400kg
  • Invisi-Gard
  • KidScreen
  • BetterVue
  • Visiongard
  • Alugard