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Vision, Mission and Values



  • Instead of finding reasons to fail, we seek reasons to succeed.
  • We seek support from others as we cannot always succeed alone.
  • A resilient mindset allows us to approach problems with optimism that others do not exhibit.
  • We take criticism constructively and not personally.



  • We are passionate about our people, process, product and service excellence
  • Excellence is not just a value but a discipline and way of life in AIspec
  • We relentlessly seek ways to improve and perfect all that we do
  • Accepting challenges without fear


  • Keeping our people and others safe is the Alspec way of life.
  • We empower our employees to always place their and others' safety before profits.
  • Safety will always be our first filter to stop doing anything that compromises it.
  • Execution of everything safely comes first, comes second and comes third.


  • We communicate effectively, openly and honestly.
  • We listen to each other and share the right opinion.
  • We will always collaborate with our people and have fun.
  • We share responsibility, success, support and a strong sense of family and community.
  • We provide career opportunities, not employment through continuous training and development programs.


  • Act as a role model for others, both internally and externally on our stewardship of the environment we influence.
  • Ensure open and transparent dialogue on what we do and why environmentally.
  • Lead industry competence in the reduction of our carbon footprint by embracing continuous environmental business improvement initiatives.
  • Eliminate non-biodegradable waste through recycling initiatives.
  • Measure our impact positive and where relevant negative impact.


  • We aim to exceed our customers' expectations.
  • Customer loyalty must always be earned and never expected.
  • We commit to and deliver on our promises.
  • We all exist to service the needs of our customers both internal and external.


  • We act with absolute uncompromised honesty and integrity.
  • We abide by or exceed relevant industry legislation and product standards.
  • We will always adhere to the rule of law.
  • We accept responsibility for our actions.