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Commercial Framing // ecoFRAMEplus 150mm Centre Pocket Double Glazed Framing


The ecoFRAMEplus® is the ideal system principally when energy efficiency is paramount. Its versatility allows countless specifications to be achieved, from standard shopfront applications, through to the most challenging structural and energy requirements.

With a frame depth of 150mm x 50mm, ecoFRAMEplus® allows a frame to transform from double to single glazed with ease. Glazing could not be simpler with the colour coded wedges to deal with the many diverse glass options.

With the use of heavy duty mullions the ecoFRAMEplus® 150mm can allow heights to reach and surpass 4.0m depending upon wind loading conditions. Sub sills are recommended for optimum weathering with all ecoFRAMEplus® systems.


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WERS Ratings

Frame Dimensions
Option 1 150 x 50mm
Maximum Product Performance
SLS (Pa) 2500
ULS (Pa) 3800
WATER (Pa) 1200
Compatible Systems
Windows & Doors Swan
Windows & Doors Torrens
Windows & Doors Swan Evo
Windows & Doors 35mm Awning
Windows & Doors 50mm Awning
Windows & Doors ProTilt Awning
Windows & Doors ProGlide
Windows & Doors Altitude
Glazing Details
Glass Position CENTRE
Single Glazed 4 - 14mm
Double Glazed 16 - 28mm
Acoustic Performance: Rw (c;ctr)
6.38mm Laminate 32 (-1,-2)
Max Glass 36 (-1,-5) 6.38mm/12mm/6.38mm
Maximum Recommended Sizes
Height 4800mm
Width 2400mm
Thermal Performance
Uw range DG 3.1 - 3.7
SHGC range DG 0.15 - 0.64

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