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Alspec's® High Performance Sliding Door

ProGlide® is an update of the Commercial Sliding Door featuring new sill sections for both Double and Triple Track and a number of new sash options that allow for thicker glass, double glazing and an on site glazing option.
The major changes include new sill sections with drop in tracks which can easily be replaced if damaged or worn and their unique design covers the unsightly drainage slots in the sills with the added benefit of increased water performance. All existing hollow sills continue to be available for applications where a sub sill is not used.
Gutter sills in both double and triple track versions are now available for flush sill applications and these incorporate a stainless steel grate to drain surface water.
A comprehensive range of sash options are now available for ProGlide®:

  • Existing SG sashes for 5mm – 10.38mm glass
  • New sashes with 18mm wide pockets to accept glass up to 14mm
  • New DG sashes for 18mm – 25mm IGU's
  • Glazing adaptor and rail for 28mm IGU’s
  • New deep pocket SG sashes for onsite glazing 5mm – 6.76mm wet glazed on site
  • New onsite DG sashes for 18mm, 24mm and 25mm IGU’s wedge glazed using "eco" range of gaskets

These new sill and sash options add to a comprehensive list of features and benefits of the ProGlide® High Performance Sliding Door. These include a wide range of interlocks combinations to meet height and wind load requirements, standard lock stiles that accept face fix or mortice locks, wide stile options catering for special locks, highlite and screening options.
These ongoing developments will ensure that the ProGlide® High Performance Sliding Door remains at the forefront of sliding door design.


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WERS Ratings

Frame Dimensions
Option 1 101 x 50mm
Option 2 151.5 x 50mm
Maximum Product Performance
SLS (Pa) 3000
ULS (Pa) 1800
WATER (Pa) 700
Cyclonic Performance
Glass Type 12.4mm Gen II
m/sec 38
Glass Type 12.8mm Ultra Forza
m/sec 38
Glazing Details
Single Glazed 5 - 13.52mm
Double Glazed 18 - 28mm
Acoustic Performance: Rw (c;ctr)
6.38mm Laminate 32 (0; -2) dB
10.38mm/12/6.38mm IGU 38 (-2;-4) dB
Compatible Systems
Commercial Framing McArthur Evo Centre Pocket Framing
Commercial Framing ecoFRAMEplus
Commercial Framing Hunter Evo
Maximum Recommended Sizes
Height 3150mm
Width 2250mm
Weight 200kg per panel
Thermal Performance
Uw range SG 4.3 - 6.2
SHGC range SG 0.38 - 0.66
Uw range DG 3.0 - 3.9
SHGC range DG 0.22 - 0.55
  • Invisi-Gard
  • KidScreen
  • BetterVue