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Commercial Windows & Doors // Awning and Casement Window


Alspec's® range of Awning and Casement windows are ideal for suburban housing, multi-unit residential, hotels and commercial applications. The Awnings and Casements can integrate with a number of Alspec® Commercial Framing systems by using different awning adaptors. The 35mm and 50mm sashes offer the benefit of overlapping internal and external seals to achieve superior weather performance.

Various glazing options for single and double glazing are available. All Awnings and Casements can be used with a range of available stays and operated with Chainwinders or Cam handles, locking or non-locking. With the use of our Chainwinder adaptor insect and security screens can easily be added from the inside of the building.


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WERS Ratings

Frame Dimensions
Option 1 Sash width 35mm
Option 2 Sash width 50mm
Maximum Recommended Sizes 35mm
Height 1200mm
Width 1200mm
Weight 35kgs
Maximum Product Performance 50mm
SLS (Pa) 1000
ULS (Pa) 3500
WATER (Pa) 700
Thermal Performance 35mm
Uw range SG 5.9 - 6.9
SHGC range SG 0.26 - 0.53
Uw range DG 4.2 - 4.8
SHGC range DG 0.15 - 0.48
Glazing Details 35mm
Single Glazed 4 - 12mm
Double Glazed 18 - 24mm
Awning - Maximum Recommended Sizes 50mm
Height 1800mm
Width 1500mm
Weight 40kgs
Acoustic Performance 35mm: Rw (c;ctr)
6.38mm Laminate 33 (-1,-2) dB
Compatible Systems 35mm & 50mm
Commercial Framing Derwent
Commercial Framing McArthur
Commercial Framing McArthur Evo
Commercial Framing ecoFRAMEplus
Commercial Framing Hunter Evo
Glazing Details 50mm
Single Glazed 4 - 12.38mm
Double Glazed 24 - 25mm
Maximum Product Performance 35mm
SLS (Pa) 1000
ULS (Pa) 1800
WATER (Pa) 300
Acoustic Performance 50mm: Rw (c;ctr)
6.38mm Laminate 32 (0,-1) dB
  • Invisi-Gard
  • KidScreen
  • BetterVue

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