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Carrington House - Bedroom 1

The first milestone has been reached in the renovation of Carrington House with this week’s reveal of a light and elegant bedroom. From a dilapidated room at the front of the house has emerged a bedroom sanctuary featuring traditional wooden French doors paired with Invisi-Gard security screen doors.

French doors are a glamorous and affordable way to create that desirable connection with the outdoors, says Naomi Findlay, who is undertaking the extensive renovation of the 1880s house.

"More and more people are starting to understand the absolute essential element of connecting the insides and outsides of our homes," says Naomi.

"Bringing the outdoors in and connecting our homes with nature…allows us to be nurtured by our properties."

"Realistically, French doors are one of the most affordable ways to do that," she says. However, being on the street-facing side of the house, this type of door can potentially expose a space to unwanted intruders and security is a must-have in Naomi’s book.

"People are loving the traditional nature of gorgeous French doors but we have to be realistic – form without function is absolutely useless," she says.

Installing Invisi-Gard French door screens on the interior means people can enjoy the traditional nature of the style, while having the security, visibility, ventilation and insect protection that comes with modern security screening.

Another key requirement for the doors was the appearance of the screens from the inside of the room. With Invisi-Gard, Naomi was able to select a profile, hinges and door handles which were indoor-orientated.

"When the outer doors are open, the security screens on the inside actually disappear – it’s like they are not even there."

"I made sure I chose a product which had the ability to look as internally integrated as possible," she says. Invisi-Gard security screens are made from 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh, woven into an exceptionally strong, flat surface, which optimises visibility. The screens are designed and tested to withstand impact and cutting with sharp objects, while maximising light and ventilation.

Despite the house being in a state of disrepair, measuring, fabricating and installing the screen doors went without a hitch, according to David Flynn, from Cotton’s Glass & Aluminium. As the new wooden doors and jambs had been fitted by the builder, fitting the Invisi-Gard screen doors was a straightforward task.

"The Invisi-Gard doors are ideal as they seamlessly integrate into this unique build and provide airflow, security and insect protection," says David. Complete with their triple locking system and double flush bolt, the doors will ensure occupants safe and protected at all times.

Product: Invisi-Gard French Security Screen Doors
Fabricator: Cotton's Glass & Aluminium
Design / Styling / Photography: Naomi Findlay


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