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CNC Machining Centre

Alspec R&D recently took delivery of two new Emmegi machines for aluminium production, a double head mitre saw and a CNC machining centre.

The purpose of these machines is to provide a customer showcase for how CNC machines can integrate into a window and door factory.

For the technically minded, the Emmegi Comet T6 HP 4+2 CNC machining centre has 4 controlled axes. It has two modes of operation: either full work area mode for bars up to 7.7 m long or else in double mode with independent work areas which can cater for 6 individual pieces of extrusion. The COMET T6 HP has 2 extra axes for vices and reference stop positioning which enables the vices to be positioned in concurrent operation time when the machining centre is running in double mode. The 4th axis allows the electric spindle to be controlled by the N/C continuously in the range 0° to 180° for machining the profile contour. It is equipped with an 8-place tool magazine, capable of containing 2 angle machining heads and a side milling cutter which allows machining of the 5 faces of the work piece. It also has a moving work table which makes work piece loading/unloading easier and increases the machineable surface area of sections considerably. The CNC is fitted with a barcode scanner to scan the labels printed from the saw for easy operation.

The Precision T2 Double-head saw has 3 controlled axes with automatic movement of the mobile head and electronic management of all 45° (internal) to 15° (external) angles, with a precision of 0.1 degrees across the range. Blade advancement is adjustable and driven by a hydro-pneumatic cylinder and a 550mm-blade with a useful cut of 5m which allows sections up to 450 x 300mm to be square cut. The saw also has an auto feed cut system to allow for high volume repetition cuts of small sections. The saw is fitted with a label printer which prints a label after cutting including all relevant section information and a barcode for the CNC.

Alspec work with both Softtech and Orgadata to program the machining details for Alspec suites into estimation software.

The machining details are automatically added to the frame during the estimation phase of the quote. When the quote is converted to a job the machining details can be pushed directly to automated saws and CNC centres. The machining file is opened on the automated saw. The file includes all cutting details. A label is printed and attached to each cut extrusion. This label includes a barcode. The bar coded extrusion is next scanned at the CNC centre and any machining programmed will be automatically loaded into the CNC software for material processing.

We welcome customers who are interested in CNC machinery for their factory to visit our R&D facility in Loganlea Qld. If you are interested in visiting, please contact us at