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Quoting is easy, quick and flexible with LogiKal.

LogiKal from Orgadata with Alspec products – software for the best windows, doors and facades.

With the complete Alspec range, LogiKal is a comprehensive and easy to use estimation software for fabricators. Utilising the combination of the LogiKal software platform, the experience of the Alspec development team and the knowledge of the Orgadata team, has resulted in an easy and fun to use software. Alspec’s partnership with Orgadata Australia is a great tool to have for your company.

If you would like to know more about Alspec products within LogiKal contact:

ORGADATA Australia Pty. Ltd.
Phone: +61 7 3040 2160

LogiKal from Orgadata is well-known as a quick, easy and fun program to use. Here are a few key features and functions:

  • Quoting is easy, quick and flexible. LogiKal offers features to provide quotations using Alspec products, glass and labour, that you can easily show your customer. LogiKal also allows for a multitude of apportion costs to be added in the quote so the price is always spot-on.
  • Ordering Alspec products by standard or custom-made pdf, excel and word reports. You can choose which products you want to show on your report, allow for residual length and fixed lengths. Customizing your order process to export to your ERP system is also possible with Logikal
  • Manufacturing information can be presented as a fabrication report, optimized cutting report or a multitude of other variants. It is even possible to customize reports to match your manufacturing process.
  • Automated CNC manufacturing is possible with a push of a button. For over 15-years Orgadata’s unique concept for automated CNC machining is proven to be an absolute winner. Connecting LogiKal with your CNC machine will save you time.
  • LogiKal is now integrated into AutoCAD and LogiKal CAD. This feature allows you to model windows and doors in an CAD environment. This makes professional shop drawings accessible to everyone. After finishing your shop drawings, your details are automatically updated.
  • The LogiKal REVIT plug-in allows the LogiKal user to automatically exchange information over an IFC format with REVIT. Save time and start your LogiKal quote with all windows and doors from a BIM model. Populate this BIM quote within LogiKal and send all glazing elevations into the REVIT model.
  • Site measure app. Send your LogiKal quote to your phone or tablet, change the dimensions manually or automatically by laser, connect a photo and add extra information if you choose. When you have confirmed the site measurements, LogiKal will update the original take-off.