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Carrington House - Design Studio

Naomi’s design flair comes to the fore during the conversion of this former bedroom into an inspiring Design Studio for Carrington House.

There’s no better way to showcase Naomi Findlay’s design talent than to give her the challenge of turning a simple former one-window bedroom space into a modern Design Studio.

Continuing the theme of embracing traditional elements, the new Design Studio at Carrington House shows how the right combination of heritage style and modern functional components can produce a space which is beautiful and practical at the same time.

With the room’s single window as her first challenge, Naomi called in the team from Cotton’s Glass and Alspec early on in the project to discuss options.

“The old window wasn’t original, it was just a horrible 70s yucky, decaying slider – the type that makes you cringe,” says Naomi.

The team examined the existing structure to identify the size of window which could be accommodated, and which type of window could add a heritage flavour with the most functionality.

Around the window they found old newspapers packing out the space and brickwork which would need extensive shoring up if any major changes were made. While Naomi would have loved a larger window for the space, the cost for additional building works would have blown her budget.

“The window that Alspec have put in here is beautiful – it gives such a gorgeous nod to the beautiful heritage of this house,” she says.

Naomi opted for a Carinya Select Double Hung window, which features a deep 90mm profile and which complements the room from a style perspective. She recognised it as the best option to blend with the wooden trims and traditional cabinetry she planned to add to the studio.

“Double hung windows are certainly something that go more with heritage homes and the wider profile really gives a nod to that heritage,” she says.

The Carinya aluminium frames have the advantage of being low maintenance, avoiding the upkeep and wear and tear which can come with timber frames.

Naomi feels the window has enhanced the room in many ways, and is perfectly in line with the style perspective she hopes to achieve at Carrington House.

“It also adds to the room ventilation, light and security. No matter how beautiful a window is, it needs to have those key things,” she says.

To make the most of the window’s airflow potential without compromising home security, an Invisi-Gard stainless steel security screen will shortly be added to the window’s exterior. Made from 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh, Invisi-Gard security screens form an impenetrable barrier to intruders without impacting on light or views.

The best part for Naomi has been finally having a highly functional window in the room, and one which fits with her plans for the remainder of the home. “You don’t know how exciting it is to have a window that actually works properly,” she says.

Naomi is now working on the next stages of the project, with the front façade and a new rear extension to come.

Product: Carinya Select Double Hung Window
Fabricator: Cotton's Glass & Aluminium
Design / Styling / Photography: Naomi Findlay


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